At Life Well Loved we understand that we all start from different places on the road to health and vitality. We also know that each person's path is different, and the same strategies won't work for everyone. Together, we will dig deep and create a custom map for a healthy and well loved life, just for you! Along the way, we will explore your health through powerful self-inquiry, holistic education, and in supportive and transformational counseling sessions. Each and every one of us deserves to live our healthiest and happiest lives, because after all - we only have one.


My Kitchen

Preparing your food is the most delicious kind of self-love. Kickstart this love affair with a Love Salad 7 Day Challenge!


Holistic Health Coaching

Guiding  curious and committed people on an introspective journey to living a life of intention, good health, and pure love. Holistic Health is all about understanding how the many moving parts of your life interact and affect your health and wellbeing.

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Essential Oils

Essential oils have provided simple and powerful solutions to people all over the world for thousands of years. Join over 5 million users worldwide and discover the doTERRA difference, one drop at a time.

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Thoughts on Life

Lauren's story is an open book, and she never thought she'd say that. She is in the midst of her Saturn return, in her 29th year on this earth, and in her full power doing something that means the world to her. This is the commentary.

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Local Events & Press

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Love your body from the inside out.


Vibrant health & beautiful happiness starts with unconditonal self-love.

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Concepts We'll Cover

Holistic Health explores the many areas of your life and how they support your overall health and well-being. This approach is so transformative, you'll wonder why you've never looked at it this way before.